fuel tanker semitrailer manufacturer

Product Features


Multiple structures and multiple materials of fuel tank body to meet individual loading demands!

Choose of multiple models and multiple series to meet transport demands of different medium!

l  It’s applicable for the transport of all kinds of liquid chemical products, such as diesel, gasoline, caustic soda, concentrated sulfuric acid, and crude oil. The inside of tank body is corrosion-proof treated to meet the transport demands for all kinds of liquid food and chemical liquids.

l  The tank body is in shape of oval, rounded rectangle, or circle and is designed as per requirements of national standard to improve the operation safety.

l  The OEM parts from domestic and foreign renowned brands are adopted, featuring elegance, durability, and reduction of operation cost and repair cost.

l  The liquid tanker semi-trailer obtained multiple national patents, featuring light dead weight and low gravity center of whole vehicle.

l  The traveling mechanism of semi-trailer products adopts high strength national standard steel to guarantee the resistance against distortion, vibration, and bump and meet the loading requirements on different roads.

l  The tank body adopts the shot blasting, phosphating, and derusting processes and high grade polyester powder coating, featuring high paint adhesion and elegant, shining, and lasting performance.

l  The whole vehicle adopts special electric harness with explosion-proof and contamination- proof guarantee circuit safety.


Product Advantages


l  CEEC liquid tanker semi-trailer utilizes the domestic and international most advanced PRO / ENGINEER 3-dimensional design software and the finite element analysis and frame mechanical analysis to guarantee the quality of tank body, improve the safety coefficient during the transport, and maximize the structure rationality of whole vehicle while ensuring that every part is optimized for matching.

l  The raw materials and parts adopt the products from domestic or foreign renowned brands, of which the critical structural parts are specially supplied by CEEC Casting Company, the China’s biggest special vehicle parts supplier.

l  The tank body is rolled by large rolling machine and one-time two-face special forming welder and special overturning and welding equipment are adopted at the time of welding to ensure fabrication precision. The sealing plug adopts advanced tensioning plug process, featuring more powerful impact resistance. The sky quality control points (such as sealing plug of liquid tanker semi-trailer, butt weld of tank body, and sealing testing test of tanker semi-trailer) are established to implement the quality management measures to each step of the production process and thus effectively guarantee the stability and reliability of the product quality.

l  The sealing test of tanker semi-trailer is conducted before the delivery of product to ensure good sealing performance of whole vehicle, without any air leakage or permeation. The special inspection equipment, X-ray detector, is utilized to eliminate all potential safety risks of the tank body in the manufacturing process.

l  The valve protection box is installed at the material outlet, in order to prevent the leakage of transport medium from causing environment pollution and personal injuries.

l  The suspension system adopts the characteristic new CEEC suspension to ensure balance load transmission among various shafts and eliminate any abnormal tire wear.

l  The snap rings for shafts are of integrally cast parts, of which the lower snap rings are CEEC patented products to better guarantee the stability and safety of the vehicle.


High attendance rate and low malfunction rate ensure longer effective working time of the vehicle build higher operation value for the customers


Brand advantages


l  Specialty: 60-year trailer manufacturing experience and consistent quality pursuance build on renowned brand in China’s modified vehicle industry.

l  Strength: With annual production capacity of special vehicle at 50,000sets, the titles of “China’s Top 500 Enterprises in Mechanical industry and China’s Top 100 Enterprises in Automotive Industry” prove the strength.

l  R & D: By taking part in the establishment of national and industrial standards and leading new trends for technical design, use of raw materials, and fabrication of fixture process, we strive for development with innovation and are never over-passed though being imitated always.

l  Service: We provide “one-stop shop” products and services to provide high operation value for the customers.

l  Adaptability: We take the lead to use new materials and launch lightweight characteristic structure, extensively master all kinds of road conditions, resources, and transport conditions home and abroad, and optimize the model design to the most extent, in order to provide expert customers with “customized” quality products and truly embody the high adaptability of the products.
Round or Square
12000mm×2490mm×3990mm ( The exact size depends on the final design.)
Tare weight
About 8000kg-12800kg
Total Volume ( m3 )
25m³ -60 m³
Tanker Body Material
5mm or 6mm/ Q235 carbon steel
End Plate
5mm or 6mm /Q235 carbon steel
Manhole Cover
Carbon steel or aluminum alloy API manhole cover, 500mm(diameter)
Bottom Valve
Aluminum API Pneumatic Bottom Valve
Discharging Valve
Diameter is 3 or 4 inch
Discharging Pipe
4” rubber hose, 2 pcs , 6m/each
Cat Walk
With (Common model or special design)
Main Beams
Welded design or Special design I beam, connected by bolts and nutsQ345 carbon steel material
2 or 3 axles, BPW/FUWA/HUAJING brand
Landing Gear
King Pin
JOST 2.00 or 3.5 inch bolt-in king pin
Mechanical suspension/Germany or America type /air suspension
Leaf Spring
90(W)mm×13(Thickness)mm×10layers or 10mm×12mm×12 /without
Pneumatic Braking System
WABCO RE 6 relay valve; Spring brake chamber (TKL brand ); one piece of 45L air tank
9.00-22.5/8.00-20/8.5-20 China Brand
/12.00R22.5/315 80R22.5/11.00R20 /12.00R20 Brand can be Optional
Sandblasted, anti-rust chassis surface is available with 1 layer of anticorrosive primer and 2 layers of top coats.
One standard tool box
Shipping Terms
By bulk cargo ,RORO or 40HQ Containers
The fuel tank semi trailer is commonly used to transfer diesel fuel, petrol, crude oil, edible oil, palm oil, and liquid asphalt.
As a specialist in the manufacture of fuel tank semi trailer, we have pioneered the application of plate bender and welder in the manufacture of fuel tanks. Our industry leading design capability allows us to supply your desired tank trailers in the shortest possible time. We are an ISO9001 certified company. Our specially constructed tank transporters have taken up great market share of the African and Russian markets. We can sell Complete Knock-Down kits or Semi Knock-Down kits to our valued oversea clients. Contact us now for more information.
With a loading capacity in the range between 40 and 60m³, our fuel tank semi trailer often comes in various types, the most common being the 2-axle and 3-axle configurations.
Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum is often used to construct the tank. The tank chamber is separated into several sections by upright walls, or partition walls. These walls prevent the formation of petrol wave when the tank trailer is driving on a bumpy road. At the lower end of the wall, through holes are drilled to reduce the impact and enhance the tank strength.
Combination lids are set on the top of the tank. They comprise of two lids, with the self-locking smaller one sits on the larger one. A breather valve is installed on the larger lid to prevent pressure or vacuum buildup.
The tank is grounded to discharge static electricity produced by the rubber tire, which might cause fire during fuel transfer operation. Upon your request, we can add a power take-off system to the tank that is powered by gearbox, which controls the tank to either sucks in or discharge fuel. The tank of our semi trailer also comes with two hoses and quick couplers. Its suction head is 6 meters. Two fire extinguishers and other specialized tools are also sure to come in handy during emergency. The whole tank semi trailer is comprised of two parts, the tank assembly and tank support.
In addition, the tank semi trailer can be equipped with various kinds of valves, discharge ports, and tank lids, such as in square or round shapes. Choices of these parts can be made all according to your likings.
Simply tell us the variety of materials to be transported, particle size, density, and desired tank capacity and weight, and we will design accordingly a suitable semi trailer model available with various chassis, tanks, and fuel feeders.